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Ascending the Heights in Prayer: Touching Heaven, Changing EarthAuthored by Debbie Przybylski

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Do you desire to grow in your prayer life?

Do you need the encouragement and training to arise to your full potential in prayer? Ascending the Heights in Prayer: Touching Heaven, Changing Earth is designed to help release your destiny in prayer and intercession. Beginners, seasoned intercessors, and prayer leaders alike will gain from the insights in this book. The thirty practical and motivational teachings will help lead you into a life of fruitful prayer and intercession. Through reading Ascending the Heights in Prayer you will:

  • Discover how to spend a profitable day alone with God.
  • Learn the keys to powerful intercession.
  • Find out how to present your petitions confidently.
  • Increase your faith for intercession.
  • Discover the benefits of praying together.
  • Learn how to cultivate prayer for your church, leaders, and for the lost.
  • Gain empowerment in prayer through praise and worship.
  • Learn how to listen to God in watchful prayer.
  • Plus much more!

Ascending the Heights in Prayer: Touching Heaven, Changing Earth is designed to motivate you to a higher and more strategic level of prayer in your personal life. After writing several books on prayer, I am becoming increasingly convinced of the desperate need for training in prayer and intercession worldwide.

Ascending the Heights in Prayer is ideal for people who want to grow in prayer but need an easy-to-comprehend, yet challenging book. This book is helpful for busy lifestyles. The thirty inspiration teachings are written for all Christians in every walk of life in every nation. Each teaching is short, motivational, and designed to help you touch heaven with your prayers. They can be used in training others in prayer individually or in groups. Each chapter is practical and centered on the Word of God, with a challenging life application in prayer at the end that can be prayed again and again.

I have written many stories throughout this book gained from my years of experience on the mission field as well as from everyday life situations. It is my intense desire that intercessors and the church as a whole ascend in prayer for such a time as this. May you ascend the heights in prayer and touch heaven.

“As we approach the return of Christ, and as this global movement of heaven-touching prayer continues to impact every part of our planet, I believe God will give the church prayer strategists like Debbie Przybylski who will receive profound insights into the depth and impact of these prayers. Ascending the Heights in Prayer is an excellent guide accomplishing precisely this. I cannot recommend this book more highly. It is a guide prepared through a lifetime of the author’s prayer experiences that will provide any intercessor, young or old, rich treasures that will transform his or her prayer life.

Ascending the Heights in Prayer reminds all followers of Jesus that prayer is the natural result of a living relationship with God and that from this relationship we each can become world-changers… As you soak in these pages (and I pray you will) I am certain you will be refreshed in your resolve to approach God’s throne, ascending ever higher and higher into the riches of His infinite presence… Read this book today. Don’t miss another moment. And then invite others to join you on this joyful journey to new heights in the presence of our wonderful Lord.”

DICK EASTMAN, International President, Every Home for Christ

“This is not a manual on how to do prayer. This is a book that is written from the experience, and with the passion of someone who believes in prayer and allows that belief to permeate her life. I don’t know of anyone I have shared this book with who has not been touched and encouraged by it.”

REV. FIDEL PATRON, Pastor, Gibraltar

“Yes!-I read the book! And, I plan to read it again, and again, and again!”

OLIVIA M. MCDONALD, Professor, School of Communication and the Arts, Regent University