11377212_964162190313555_8580872398574884074_n“The most humbling thing one can do is to look upon how Jesus responded to suffering and mistreatment. His whole life was ordered around the attribute of meekness. It was his greatest pursuit. From the moment He was born the Father was contemplating His own humility in the person of His Son. Love would be openly displayed as Jesus went lower and lower. Anyone who truly looks upon the man Christ Jesus and His meekness will be left staring at the great mystery. How can One so strong be so tender as He stoops so low? Looking upon Jesus is the great sanctifier to areas of pride and anger in the human heart.” Allen Hood

Humility is at the foundation of what God is, does, and blesses forever. May we take a good look at what it really meant for the King of Kings to be born in a humble manger, live a humble life, and die a selfless death for us. He pursued meekness and stooped so low for each of us. May the reality of the humility of Jesus change our lives forever. Let’s learn to walk in humility and daily cloth ourselves with the beauty of lowliness. God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). The following articles on humility will help you to walk in humility in your daily life: