Worldwide Prayer

11264893_967241553338952_496519998745319715_n-2“The Holy Spirit is orchestrating a global prayer strategy in these very days. It will far eclipse any other prayer movement in Church history. The Holy Spirit is equipping the Church to partner with Jesus’ intercessory prayer ministry at the right hand of the Father. The end result is the great harvest of souls being added to the Kingdom of God. The number of people coming to Jesus at the present hour across the nations is unprecedented in history. I believe this will continue to increase numerically and in both power and intensity.” Mike Bickle

What is truly significant about the days we are living in? The Gospel is spreading and more people are passionate about loving Jesus than at any other time in history. Before our very eyes Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled which is hastening the return of the Lord. If you would like to know more about the worldwide prayer movement, the following prayer teachings will help you: