Spiritual Warfare

11144453_965502933512814_2928668468155993148_n“Daniel was not aware of the breakthrough or its point of origin until he was told about it. Breakthrough occurs when we begin to pray in earnest and are recognized after prayer is complete. Daniel stood firm in prayer so that his intercession could be completed before the Lord. Had he given up on prayer that which had begun on the first day of intercession may not have been completed to the point of recognition at a later time. Everything that God does is birthed through warfare and confrontation. While Daniel was praying, warfare was being conducted over the nations. Daniel was unaware of the battle or even his part in it. He had no idea what his faithful praying had contributed to the heavenly battle. Graham Cooke

The enemy does not like intercession because we exercise our authority in Christ when we pray. It is one of the greatest things he will attack. Let us realize that our fight is not against flesh and blood. It is an attack in the spiritual realm and is an unseen power encounter between two kingdoms. The enemy is on an all out attack to stop prayer, because he knows that there is power in intercession. There is power in even one intercessor who knows his/her authority in prayer.

The following articles will help you stand strong and walk in victory in the midst of battle:

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