Intimacy with God

“The revelation David had about the emotions of God equipped his heart for a sustained, abandoned pursuit of God, through his many weaknesses and failures, as well as his stunning victories. David is the picture of the end time church, which will be a love-sick, worshipping warrior bride, and a people after God’s own heart.” Mike Bickle

We all have inner longings that can be met only in an intimate relationship with God. Men and women everywhere try to meet these longings in different ways but don’t find fulfillment until they embrace the Lord and His heart for them. We can never fully live for God, abandoned to His purposes, until we have the longings of our hearts met by His perfect love. When we have had a personal revelation of that love, knowing He deeply enjoys us and treasures our relationship with Him, we will be able to live and pray more effectively. Our faith will deepen and prayer will grow from that fellowship with Him, becoming a greater joy and privilege.

The following are articles that will help you grow in intimacy with God:

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