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Intercessors Arise: Personal Prayer that Changes the World
Authored by Debbie Przybylski

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With the key concepts taught in Intercessors Arise, you’ll learn to release your potential in prayer through practical and personal applications steps. Use it alone or with a group, and stand in the gap for a world in need of change. Prayer happens for many reasons, but no prayer is uttered by accident. When we pray, individual lives change. Imagine watching whole neighborhoods affected, cities and nations touched by the power of prayer.

“God is amazing and this book draws you to Him, it is a book that will deepen your relationship with Jesus. Debbie’s maturity, experiences and the Truth of the Word make this book a personal faith builder. The reader will be taught; but even more, will “want” to pray. With this wonderful challenge to interceed; we, as the one praying, are personally blessed in our own hearts. In addition, the amazing thing about intercession, there is blessing eternally for others, as intercession is Kingdom work.”

Intercessors, It is time to arise and shine

“‘Intercessors Arise’ by Debbie Przybylski is, by far, the best book you will ever read on intercessory prayer. It will change the way you think about prayer and the way you approach God. A perfect book for a small group setting or individual study, ‘Intercessors Arise’ will open up a whole new way to pray for yourself and others. You will learn the connection between faith and prayer and see personal examples of how prayers (your prayers) change the world… Each chapter ends with a personal application. It is important that you take the time to read it and do the exercises. If you do, you will grow in your prayer life and your spiritual life and you will come face to face with God. You will not just read this book once. It can and probably will be used over and over again.”

Power of Prayer

“Intercessors Arise by Debbie Przybylski is a powerful book on the application of prayer not just on those around us but cities and nations. The dictionary defines an intercessor as “one who intercedes by prayer, petition in favor of another”. After readying and applying the personal applications in this book to your life you will be an intercessor to many others and as mentioned before even nations. The power of prayer is real and with this book you will learn to use that power.

This book covers topics such as finding intimacy with th Lord, being still and waiting for the Lord, forgiveness, ad being intercessor in the world. I would recommend this book to any Christian that wants to strengthen their prayer lives and expand beyond just the self and family prayers. I personally found every personal application to be a deep and very spiritual enlightening experiences… Debbie has provide us with a wonderful tool and that I am thankful for.”

A Great Prayer Tool

“This is a wonderful book to help inspire and encourage your prayer life! Debbie gives lots of examples of people and how prayer helped them. She also has Bible verses and examples of prayers that you can say. She ends each chapter with a personal application, where she gives you Bible passages to read, questions, challenges, and just ways to put the chapter into practice…I think this book is set up to be a chapter a week Bible study, and there’s even exercises that require multiple people, like a church class. This would still be great for an individual study. For me, I like it as a chapter every 2 to 3 days. That gives time to answer the questions honestly and really soak in the information. For review purposes, I read it a bit quicker than that this time.

There’s lots of great advice in Intercessors Arise. If you need a prayer boost, you would definitely benefit from this book. Every time I picked it up, I started singing, ‘Soldiers of Christ Arise.'”