11167788_966468456749595_4594145839858470396_n“Watchmen are ordinarily placed on the walls of a city to give notice to the rulers of coming danger. God appoints watchmen not only to warn men – often they will not hear – but also to summon Him to come to their aid whenever need or the enemy may be threatening. The great mark of the intercessors are that they are not to hold their peace day or night, to take no rest, and to give God no rest, until the deliverance comes. In faith they may count upon the assurance that God will answer their prayers.” Andrew Murray

If ever there was a need for urgent and watchful prayer, it is now! We need to be watchful, especially as we see major changes happening worldwide on a daily basis. Many of us watch the daily news to see in the natural what is happening, but God wants us to watch and see spiritually what is occurring on the earth. It is an urgent time for all of us to get our lives in order before the Lord, become watchful in prayer, and find our position as God’s watchmen on the watchtower. The following are articles to help you to be God’s watchmen:

On Alert as Watchmen for Your City: How to Become God’s Watchman –
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By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International