“Praise prepares us to pray. When we worship God as our Counselor, it strengthens our faith to pray for wisdom. When we praise Him as the Great Physician, it strengthens our faith to pray for healing. When we remember how He has provided in the past, it strengthens our faith to ask for provision again. Praise builds our faith in who God is: Redeemer Comforter, Savior, Deliver, Defender, Friend.” Buddy Owens

What happens when we choose to worship and praise God? It paves the way for His blessings to manifest in our lives. Here are several teachings to help you and your House of Prayer to grow in worship and praise:

Don’t miss the Nations Houses of Prayer Worship. You can listen to a wide range of worship music in various languages. See the link for worship to help you in your times of worship, thanksgiving, and praise and to God.