Holy Spirit

10990009_968328569896917_1149568997888104728_n“This is more than the Spirit with a portion of Christ’s influence and power. This is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the glorified Jesus in His exaltation and power, coming to us as the Spirit of the indwelling Jesus, revealing the Son and the Father within us (John 14:16-23). This Spirit cannot simply be the Spirit of our hours of prayer. It must be the Spirit of our whole lives and walks, glorifying Jesus in us by revealing the completeness of
His work and making us wholly one with Him and like Him. Then we can pray in His name, because we are truly one with Him. Then we have the immediate access to the Father of which Jesus said, “I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you” (John 16:26).
Andrew Murray

The Holy Spirit wants to fellowship with us in life in a deeper dimension than we have ever experienced or dreamed possible. He wants to have His strength and power operating within us—He wants to give us His wisdom—He wants to participate in everything we are doing. When we pray, He wants to pray with us and through us. He wants to transform everything that we do with His glorious power. We must learn to fellowship with the Holy Spirit every day in order to go deeper in our prayer lives. This is an absolute necessity.

The following articles will help you pray and fellowship with the Holy Spirit: