Breakthrough Prayer

Breakthrough Prayer coverBreakthrough Prayer: Praying God’s Truth, Destroying Enemy Lies
Authored by Debbie Przybylski

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Do you desire to experience breakthrough prayer in your life? Do you want to walk in a new level of victory, joy, and peace?

We are all facing an uncertain future where fears can control us and feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness seem overwhelming. In Breakthrough Prayer you will learn life-changing tools and ways to pray that can break these destructive thought and behavioral patterns. You will discover how to overcome the enemy’s lies in your own life and how to help those around you. This book is full of stories relating to breakthrough. It includes 27 crafted prayers for breakthrough to help you pray God’s truth in your personal life situations. The progressive teachings are short, practical, and are designed to bring you into a greater freedom in life.

If you are ever faced with negative thoughts that seem out of control, experience difficult relationships that seem unmanageable, or carry baggage from the past that is hindering you from being all that God wants you to be, then this book will help you.

  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to face all the changes in the world and in your own country, city, or neighborhood?
  • Do you find the opposition from the enemy becoming stronger against you personally, and are his lies bombarding your thoughts when you wake up in the morning?
  • Are there obstacles in your path, and do you feel stuck and unable to advance?

If you face destructive patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and behavior and are unable to move forward, the truth presented in this book will bring you to a new level of breakthrough in your life.

Breakthrough Prayer will help you grow in your personal prayer life. This book is designed for young Christians as well as seasoned intercessors. The teachings in each chapter are short and practical. At the end of each chapter there is an application assignment designed for your personal life and for training in groups. Come along with me on this journey in breakthrough prayer, and discover how to pray God’s truth and destroy enemy lies.

“Breakthrough Prayer provides the needed insights and tools to overcome the lies of Satan… We do fight spiritual battles; all of us, and this book is just the kind of tool we need to win those battles. I commend it to you. Debbie Przybylski has learned to fight well. She has won her own battles and has gained the kind of spiritual authority needed to prepare others to be victorious. You can trust Debbie. You are in good hands when you allow her to “train your hands for war.”

Floyd McClung, Founder, All Nations; Former International Executive Director, Youth with a Mission (YWAM); Best-selling Author

“Through her rich experience and easy-to-read style, Debbie illustrates the reality of prayer as our very lifeline to a loving Father Who longs to be worshipped, loved, and listened to so He can pour His life into and through us! Debbie has a way of clearly expressing the issues that many of us struggle with in regard to prayer, and then provides balanced, scriptural, and practical ways to deal with them. I highly recommend this book.”

SUE HARVEY, World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, UK

“I believe that every Christ-follower who will read and meditate on this book will have a different heart toward God than when they started to read… When I have a meal with Debbie, I know the real food I will be eating is spiritual food that comes from a woman who has a deep intimacy with God; that deep intimacy is passed on in all her writing. I recommend you use this book as a part of your quiet time with the Lord and let the Holy Spirit woo you to Himself.”

SUSAN TAMERIS, Elijah Company, Inc. Board of Directors, Virginia Beach, VA