1457653_964485856947855_2406289042869588908_n“As God’s representative on the earth, He has given us the authority to speak for Him. When we speak under the leading of the Holy Spirit, we speak as His voice on the earth. During strategic times, the Lord will prompt us to pray prayers that will bring breakthrough.” Barbara Wentroble

Most of us want to see breakthrough in prayer. What are you facing in your life today where you need of  breakthrough? Are you standing upon God’s promises and practicing declarative prayer? Are you leaning upon your own understanding or are you boldly leaning upon God’s Word? We live in a world that desperately needs to hear His voice? The following teachings and music will help you to find the pathway to breakthrough:

Breakthrough Prayer cover

Do you desire to experience breakthrough prayer in your life? Do you want to walk in a new level of victory, joy, and peace?

Read Breakthrough Prayer:
Praying God’s Truth, Destroying Enemy Lies

Breakthrough Prayer can help you. For a  full description, see Breakthrough Prayer.

Prayer for Breakthrough