10393724_966468786749562_930974549024549136_n“Many in the church today are being held captive spirit-ually, not be-cause of the enemy’s power, but because we do not clearly understand our authority and calling in Christ… As we begin to under-stand the hope of His calling, we will begin to walk in an abundant life of freedom and power.”
Angie Weaver

We have the authority in intercession to make a huge difference in our city, nation, family, and everywhere else. Jesus gained that authority at the cross. We must rise up as intercessors and live out our authority in prayer.  When we pray, we must believe that it makes a difference. We must not give up in those prayers that are not yet answered. We must hold up that shield of faith and consistently declare God’s Word over the situations we are praying through. We must learn to pray the Scriptures as we read them.  We have the authority in intercession to stop Satan’ power and release God’s power. Let’s experience an overflowing abundant life. Here are articles on authority to help you in intercession:

Articles by Debbie Przybylski
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