11010600_963508187045622_1155965139571533164_nDebbie Przybylski is the founder and director of Intercessors Arise International, a part of the ministry of the Elijah Company, Inc.

The vision of Intercessors Arise International is to see thousands of intercessors from every nation released in strategic prayer for the furtherance of the Gospel worldwide.

Debbie’s passion is to see intercessors at work stirring the nations and setting captives free throughout the world by the ministry of prayer. She believes intercessors must to be trained, encouraged and released for the end-times harvest.

Debbie’s husband, Norman, is the founder and director of the Elijah Company, Inc. Debbie serves alongside him in their ministry of training, equipping and mentoring future and presently active missionaries by identifying, instructing, imparting and impelling them to God’s designated mission field.

Some related aspects of training offered by the Przybylskis are seminars and training courses in intercession, missions, power evangelism, breaking free from spiritual strongholds, and the Lighthouse of Prayer ministry. They envision intercession and missions uniting for global harvest.

Debbie’s background in missions includes over twelve years of serving with Operation Mobilization, ministering to people from all over the world. Her wide range of experience includes coordinating and teaching people in evangelism from 40 nations, evangelistic and motivational speaking, and training others in intercession, leadership, and in the skills needed for living and relating cross-culturally.

She also is available to many missionaries and international women who have need of counseling. Debbie graduated with a Diploma in Bible Theology and a Diploma in Christian Education from Moody Bible Institute, and a Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Christian Education and a Master’s Degree in Missions with a certificate in counseling from Columbia International University. She and Norm have ministered in over 65 countries.

Debbie is on the prayer room staff of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.


“Prayer does not equip us for the greater works. Prayer is the greater work.” Oswald Chambers

The goal of Intercessors Arise International is to spread the vision of prayer throughout the whole world and to see the ministries and churches in cities throughout the earth used mightily for God’s glory. We desire to see churches unified and built up in prayer. We want widespread regular intercession throughout the nations with opportunity for intercessors to be encouraged, motivated, and trained. We desire that the division, isolation and discouragement in the Christian community is broken. We want intercessors to have creative opportunities for involvement in order to spread the vision of prayer. We long for growth in prayer on a grass roots level where all believers see their responsibility in prayer evangelism, where every neighborhood has a Lighthouse of Prayer, and where there is a prayer shield of protection over cities and nations.

The power of intercessors networking together, at the initiative and direction of the Holy Spirit, could have a massive effect in the release of God’s glory throughout the world. Intercessors united together could release a force of power such as we have not seen before; a prayer force that will touch the nations and that will set the captives free in cities all over the world. There is power in unity, there is power in intercession, and there is the potential of bringing in the last days harvest. God is preparing us for a sustained revival.

Pastors are interested in intercessors coming together. Intercessors are interested in linking together. Imagine the impact this could have on the world. A cord of three strands is 100 times stronger than one. Imagine the strength of a million intercessors. See with the eyes of faith. Cry out to God to release the intercessors for such a time as this. Begin to pray big prayers over your city.

We must be ready for worldwide harvest. The fields are white. Pray for your part as an intercessor in this vision, because we must all work together. We have not seen the breakthrough in the nations as we have so desired. The full release of God’s mission’s force and ministries have been held back by satanic forces. Intercessors have a breakthrough anointing that can push back the darkness in order that the light of God’s purposes to truly flourish. We encourage you to arise as an intercessor.

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Igniting the Fire of Prayer Worldwide

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