A Prayer Movement Among Women

There are many women who know how to wield great authority on their knees. This authority, through spirit-filled praying, brings heaven to earth and changes the course of the world. Women who have been disciplined and prepared have faith and boldness to overthrow the enemy bent on destruction. Esther was such a woman. Even though she was an adopted orphan, through preparation and discipline, the favor of God rested upon her, as she was willing to be used by a holy God to save an entire people. We are seeing a generation of Esther’s arising – godly, obedient, grace-filled women who are being positioned to overthrow the enemies of the future.”

 God is raising up a prayer movement among women throughout the world. There are several organizations such as Women’s Aglow, Lydia, and Moms in Touch that gather women to pray throughout the world. 

Women often lead the way in prayer. They meet in homes, in prayer circles, on the telephone, and in churches to pray for families, friends and neighbors. Intercessors Arise International wants to encourage and inform women about what is happening in prayer among women throughout the world. Click the title below to find out more about what is happening with women and prayer. Also, take advantage of the teachings and resources for women on prayer. It’s time for a mighty prayer movement among women to arise!

“These are days of supernatural conception and birthing.
I believe God is asking the question today, ”Where are my Sarahs?’
He is saying, ‘I plan to conceive My purpose to bring forth My inheritance
in the nations in this hour. I need Sarahs filled with faith
who can conceive and bring forth this plan.”
 Quotes by Chuck Pierce and Rebecca Wagner

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