Go Forth In Power

Go Forth In Power


Chapter 1 – Mentoring in the Example of Elijah

Going out in the spirit and power of Elijah is key to reaching the nations. Learn from the life of Elijah the necessity of living a crucified life of fearless dedication to God. Elijah learned the secret of prevailing prayer. He lived by faith and experienced the power of God in his life. Discover how you can develop these qualities in your own life. Find out how to believe in an extraordinary God.

Chapter 2 – Mentoring in Your Call

Each one of us has a sense of destiny in our hearts. In this chapter learn how to discover your destiny in missions. Find out how to prepare for your call through experience and mentoring. Learn the secret of fasting and prayer in missionary preparation and how to personally incorporate it in your life.

Chapter 3 – Mentoring in Character

Discover the process of preparation for knowing the will of God and the necessity of character development in this chapter. Learn how to prepare to be approved unto God and the secrets of a disciplined missionary life.

Chapter 4 – Mentoring in Relationships

Good relationships are a challenge on the mission field. Find out what contributes to poor relationships and ways to build good relationships. Discover the necessity of unity and humility and how to facilitate unity on your team. Find out what mentoring is and why it is needed. Learn how to empower others to their full potential through mentoring.

Chapter 5 – Mentoring in Support

In this chapter you will discover the role of senders and how to build your own support team. Learn how to communicate through newsletters by knowing the important factors in communicating with those at home. Learn from the Moravian example the secrets of developing a sending base.

Chapter 6 – Mentoring in Culture

What are the characteristics of a cross-cultural worker? Find out what God looks for in choosing a potentially successful cross-cultural worker. Discover the reality of culture shock and practical ways you can effectively overcome it in your own life. Learn ways to adapt cross-culturally. Become aware of the Biblical examples of Jesus and Paul and how they related in cross-cultural situations.

Chapter 7 – Mentoring in Spiritual Warfare

In this chapter you will discover ways to maintain your relationships in the midst of spiritual warfare. You will also learn how to maintain your peace and gain the ability to persevere in times of testing. Find out the power of worship and why worship is essential for you, the warring missionary, to achieve God’s purposes in your life. Move into praise producing faith.

Chapter 8 – Mentoring in Personal Freedom

Deepen your knowledge of God, your Father, and enlarge the understanding of your relationship with Him. Recognize that every missionary faces mental attacks and learn how to triumph on this battlefield. A major strategy of warfare is intimidation and fear. Find out ways to deal with the fears of failure, rejection, punishment and shame. Discover the ways to destroy false beliefs.

Chapter 9 – Mentoring in Breaking Strongholds

In this chapter, you will discover how to recognize and destroy destructive strongholds in your mind. Learn powerful weapons to use against them. Understand the strength of a mind set firmly upon God. Discover the secret of choosing life over death on a daily basis by making God, His Name and His Word your stronghold.

Chapter 10 – Mentoring in Setting Nations Free

You have a yearning to be in missions work. Now, learn how to walk in the anointing for missions and develop that passionate lifestyle. Find out the benefits of prayer and fasting in missionary work. Discover how to pray as you reach out to the lost. Understand the necessary steps in forgiving others and how that enables you to see nations set free.

Chapter 11 – The Elijah Company Manifesto

Find out about the Elijah Company manifesto, our reason for existence, what we do and the training we provide. Learn about the strategy of missionary mentorship and our emphasis on prayer in missions. Find out about the ministry of Intercessors Arise. Discover how to go out in the spirit and power of Elijah.

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