Intercessors Arise: Personal Prayer That Changes the World

Intercessors Arise
Personal Prayer That Changes the World

Chapter 1 – The Intercessor and Intimacy

Intimacy is key to a life of intercession, but how do we grow in intimacy with God? Learn the secret of becoming a best friend with God through practicing His presence. Grow in your intimacy, and learn how to have a sustained pursuit after God’s own heart. Only God can meet the longings of our hearts. This chapter will awaken you to a fascinating life with God.

Chapter 2 – The Intercessor and Worship

We are created for worship. In this chapter find out how you can have a lifestyle of worship, and discover the magnificent splendor of God. Learn the power of a thankful heart and how to enjoy a lifestyle of praise and thanksgiving. You will discover that this is where true contentment lies.

Chapter 3 – The Intercessor and Passion

Looking at the passionate prayer life of Jesus will lead you into a deep passion in prayer also. There is power in crying out in prayer. Find out how God answered the cries of His people over and over again and how you, too, can pray in this powerful way. Learn the characteristics of revival passion and prayer that leads to revival.

Chapter 4 – The Intercessor and Faith

Faith must inspire our prayers to God. Learn how delays develop and enlarge our faith. This chapter will help you learn to pray for the impossible and accept difficult prayer assignments without giving up. You will find that your willingness and weakness plus God’s will and supernatural power will give God unlimited opportunity to bless your life circumstances.

Chapter 5 – The Intercessor and Character

In this chapter you will discover the beauty of humility and brokenness. Learn characteristics of the lips of the righteous and find out how the power of the tongue can bring words that uplift and bring grace. Become aware that heart attitude is more important than any type of sacrifice. Discover how to have joy in the secret place of prayer and how to avoid the destroyers of joy. Receive understanding in ways to break through into fruitful and effective prayer.

Chapter 6 – The Intercessor and Stillness

Waiting on God with a listening ear is essential in an intercessor’s life. Discover the benefits of waiting for God to speak and how He brings forth resurrection life. Learn to be still and quiet the busy world around you. How do we hear God’s voice? Find guidelines to help you. In this chapter you will learn to walk in the purposes of God in your life. Waiting with Him is a time of joy and the key to your effectiveness.

Chapter 7 – The Intercessor and the Bible

Praying the Bible will enhance your prayer life by revealing the benefits and power of employing God’s Word in a very practical way. Learn how to pray the promises of God. This chapter is designed to ignite a hunger in you for the Word of God and how to use it in your intercession. Learn the value of meditation and how to meditate on God’s Word daily. 

Chapter 8 – The Intercessor and Discipline

Discipline and perseverance is important in the life of intercession. Discover the Apostle Paul’s persistent prayer life. In this chapter you will receive understanding as to how you can cultivate diligence and perseverance in prayer, even in difficult situations. Learn about burden-bearing intercession and how to carry God’s heartfelt burdens in a proper way. Plus, you will discover the rewards of such intercession.

Chapter 9 – The Intercessor and Fasting

Receive motivation for fasting as you discover its necessity and beauty. In this chapter, you will find out how fasting purifies us and brings us into a deeper relationship with Christ. Discover in Scripture the various fasts, the biblical characters who fasted and why they fasted. Learn how to fast effectively and correctly. In Isaiah 58, we will point out the many benefits of fasting. 

Chapter 10 – The Intercessor and Purpose

Discover how to pray God’s purpose rather than your problems. Learn how to live and to pray in a more focused and purposeful lifestyle. Find out in this chapter how to eliminate distractions in your prayer life. Learn how to discover God’s purposes and plans through listening prayer, prayer that makes you sensitive to hear God’s heart desires. 

Chapter 11 – The Intercessor and Strongholds

In this chapter, you will discover how to destroy destructive strongholds in your mind. Learn powerful weapons to use against them. Find out the ways to discover and deal with these strongholds. You will receive understanding about the law of sowing and reaping and how to deal with generational sins. Discover the secret of choosing life over death on a daily basis by making God and His Word your stronghold.

Chapter 12 – The Intercessor and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is vital to a fruitful prayer life. In this chapter, you will learn how to walk in forgiveness on a daily basis. You will discover the hindrances to forgiving others and how to access the freedom of forgiveness. Ways to seek forgiveness from God and from others are given as well as steps in forgiving others. Discover the power of forgiveness, and enter into this freedom today!

Chapter 13 – The Intercessor and Revival

This chapter will help you to prepare for revival personally as well as corporately. You will learn from the examples of past revivals as you discover the characteristics of revival and the supernatural heartfelt fire of revival. Find out how revival brings supernatural manifestations, spontaneous workings, conviction of sin, and a new God-consciousness. God wants to awaken His Church.

Chapter 14 – The Intercessor and the Kingdom of God

So often intercessors do not realize their authority in prayer. How do we intercede with authority? This chapter will help you to pray with authority as royal priests. You will learn how to prepare the way for the King in your neighborhood, city or nation. You will discover ways to pray strategically for your government. 

Chapter 15 – The Intercessor and the World

In this chapter you will discover God’s heart for individuals and nations. You will be motivated to bring the touch of Jesus to others through personal prayer. Learn the secret of prayerwalking, and use these guidelines to reach your own neighborhood or city. Receive understanding in how to pray strategically for countries. Discover the joy of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world!

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