Prayer Formats for International House Of Prayer

The following is a possible prayer format for the 24-7 International House of Prayer. God will lead each city uniquely but this will give you an idea of how the sessions could be laid out in two-hour segments with the various types of prayer emphasis in each segment.

Session Prayer Format

MIDNIGHT – 2am – Worship With the Word/Intercession

2am – 4am – Worship With the Word/Intercession

4am – 6am – Worship With the Word/Intercession

6am – 8am – Worship With the Word/Intercession

8am – 10am – Devotional

10am – NOON – Apostolic Intercession

NOON – 2pm – Worship With the Word/Prophetic Worship

2pm – 4pm – Prophetic Intercession

4pm – 6pm – Worship With the Word/Prophetic Worship

6pm – 8pm – Prophetic Worship

8pm – 10pm – Apostolic Intercession

10pm – MIDNIGHT – Devotional

5 Types of Prayer Meetings

Apostolic Intercession – intercession for citywide revival combined with continual worship. Prophetic singers sing antiphonally with the intercessors.

Prophetic Intercession – intercession based on discerning prophetic themes of the Holy Spirit for each meeting with a secondary use of singers.

Worship with the Word – a new worship format in the form of a “prophetic liturgy.” Emphasizing corporate worship directly from two different types of Scripture 1) Prophetic Cantata from the Song of Solomon in which we sing through the Song of Solomon phrase by phrase interpreting each truth. 2) Psalmody Worship (Psalms or the Hymns of Revelation) in which we sing directly from the Psalms or the hymns of Revelation. Psalmody is the practice of singing psalms in divine worship. The arranging of psalms for singing in worship – This worship format was used in 1000’s of monasteries throughout history.

Devotional Worship – worship teams providing an anointed atmosphere for personal devotions and bible study etc. No open mike for intercession.

Prophetic Worship – the integration of the previous four formats, with the inclusion of ministry time.

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