Lighthouses of Prayer

”I believe without question that we are facing the greatest spiritual harvest the world has ever known. The Lighthouse Movement is incredibly strategic for helping reach out to nonbelievers and disciple the tens of millions who are turning to Christ.” Bill Bright

God is preparing us for harvest. The Lighthouse of Prayer ministry is an exciting way to personally love those who do not know Christ. It is essential that we see every area in our cities covered in prayer evangelism. The Lighthouse of Prayer strategy is natural and motivating, it brings forth fruit in neighborhoods and opens the way of salvation to your co-workers and neighbors. This strategy releases the entire body of Christ into their calling. Every believer has a destiny to reach for Christ the very place where they live and work.

It is not necessary to be an evangelist. You simply must love people. The Lighthouse of Prayer strategy is easy and effective. It is simply praying for, caring for, and sharing Christ with your neighbors. Listed below are various teachings on Lighthouses of Prayer to help you in starting your own lighthouse. A Lighthouse of Prayer Training Kit can be purchased for $20 plus shipping and handling through Elijah Company, Inc.

Lighthouse of Prayer E-Course Links and Resources

  • Lighthouses of Prayer
  • Lighthouse of Prayer Course
  • A Portrait of a Lighthouse of Prayer
  • Bringing the Touch of Jesus through Prayer
  • Essentials of a Lighthouse Lifestyle
  • Prayerwalking
  • Principles of Prayer for a Lighthouse Lifestyle
  • Biblical Principles for a Lighthouse Lifestyle
  • Starting a Lighthouse Prayer Meeting
  • Simple Steps in Establishing a Lighthouse

For more information, see the Lighthouse Movement website.

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