Over-Abundant Restoration

11219655_990307447699029_6208048841891378697_n“The devil wants you to believe that justice delayed means justice denied (so that you lose heart and give up asking). But in fact, justice delayed means recompense compounded… Is it possible, beloved elect of God, that God has called you to wait upon Him because He wants to exact as much as a sevenfold return from your enemy for the years he has stolen from you… Could it be that God has not yet avenged you of your adversary because he has more for you in this thing than you’ve ever thought or imagined for yourself?” Bob Sorge

We were moving to Kansas City. My husband quite skillfully drove a large truck with most of our household belongings. What a trip! 32,000 pounds of weight in total (including us), driving along what seemed like an endless highway to two very tired travelers. Partway through the journey we arrived at the hotel where we were to spend our second night. As we settled near dusk into our cozy hotel room, my husband peaked out the window curtain to make sure all was ok with our truck and car.

To his dismay he saw a shady-looking character closely eyeing our truck and car carrier. Our newly purchased car was sitting temptingly on that car carrier. Norm realized that he had not thought about locking the car carrier to the truck. After the man had left, he promptly got his lock and went out and locked the car carrier securely. With shock we realized that the man had been planning to steal our car and car carrier. He could very easily attach it to his car and drive off with ours.

This reminds me of the devil and his vicious plans to steal from our lives. He comes to kill, steal and destroy, but we have God on our side who comes to give us an abundant life (John 10:10). Many Christians have been praying a long time for something that seems impossible to attain. Barely hoping beyond hope, it seems that all has been lost. The devil seems to have stolen what rightfully belongs to them. Perhaps it’s a wayward child, a lost ministry, or ill health. The loss seems to be incredible. In the natural, the devil seems to have gotten his way.

We all want justice. We may feel it would take a miracle to reverse what has been lost. The process may have left a deep wound, a gapping pain. We lose heart – we give up praying – we feel the incredible loss over a long period of time, maybe even years. It seems so hard to wait for God’s justice in our situation. But God wants to give us over-abundant restoration of that which has been stolen or lost. If we are willing to wait in faith and go deeper in God, He will give us so much more.

It’s Worth the Wait

“When you’ve been waiting on God for a long time, one of the things that changes during the waiting season is the nature of what you request of God. Early in the journey you might have been content with a lesser request, but now that you’ve endured all these years of heartsickness and grief, you’re no longer satisfied with what you once desired. Now you want more.” Bob Sorge

It’s worth the wait. Though so seemingly long and endless, it’s worth it! God changes us radically and He gives us so much more when we have passed through this type of endless trial. He is developing us deeply within. Look at Job! Look at Joseph and so many other biblical characters that had to wait for such a long time for justice. The devil wants us to think that justice that is delayed is justice denied, but God wants to give us seven-fold restitution (Proverbs 6:30-31).

Waiting pays off in the long run. I don’t think we realize how God works. His ways are so much higher than ours. He wants to restore our souls and all that has been lost and stolen from us. He has so much more if we are willing to see it through His eyes. He wants to give us not just restoration, but over-abundant restoration. He wants us to pray bigger prayers and with more fervency.

You may have been waiting for years to see answers to your prayers and your dreams fulfilled. Don’t give up. God is preparing you for His best for your life. He has more in His heart to give you than you right now realize. He will bring justice and restoration into your life. Hold on and let Him take you deeper. Let Him purify your desires.

Realize that if your dream has to do with prayer, it may take a longer preparation because prayer is what the devil hates the most. God takes time with His intercessors. Lock your heart into God’s heart and His way of preparation. Keep that lock secure with His heart through the dark nights in your life. God brings you into the sunshine as you see from His perspective with new hope and joy.

I myself have waited for years to see my dreams fulfilled. In this process God has been developing my heart. Now I am seeing God’s over-abundant restoration. He has a greater plan than I ever dreamed possible. He wants me to pray bigger prayers with greater faith. I believe this is true for you as well.

See with the eyes of faith what God is doing right now to prepare you. Agree with His plan and preparation. What the devil has planned for evil, God will turn to your good. Don’t let him steal your joy by making you think there is no hope or purpose in what you have been experiencing. Let God take your pain and turn your mourning into dancing. Believe and hope once again. He will answer your prayers at just the right moment. He wants to give you joy in this journey of faith. He will give you justice and over-abundant restoration. He will bring restoration to your soul.

“At the beginning, your prayers have elements of selfishness and carnal desire woven into them. You don’t realize it at the time, but the carnal ambitions of the heart are discoloring your requests. As you wait on God, He refines your passions and purifies your desire, until you are asking for those things that are truly upon His heart. In the persevering, all that is not of God is burned away, and that which remains is that which is impassioned b y the heart of God. And at the end of the day you realize God had more in His heart for you than you had for yourself.” Bob Sorge

Article by Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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  1. I loved and found profound strategy in reading your precious prayers. please keep sending the reading of exercise our authority in prayer. you are doing a wonderful thing.

    Yolanda Trevino

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