Position Yourself For Victory

11222483_964569090272865_1684246959358965919_n-2“Johosphaphat in the valley of decision was facing great external threat.  Not just one enemy, but an alliance was coming against him producing insurmountable odds for victory.  His first step was to humble himself in the midst of this great trial.  Three elements of spiritual discipline put God’s covenant people in a right position for victory:  Fasting, Prayer, and Praise.  With these spiritual dynamics working, prophecy and revelation could be released so that in this valley they would emerge victorious.  Their battle was one of praise and worship.  God’s battle was to dismantle and remove the enemy by dispatching the Hosts of Heaven.”  Chuck Pierce

Pray for these three things for every intercessor:

  • That God may enlarge our heart – Pray that it beats with the passion and concerns of God for our world and that through fasting, prayer and worship we would position ourselves for victory.
  • That we would pray diligently – Pray that each one of us would pray diligently, fervently and strategically for our leaders and the world situation, and see it from God’s perspective.
  • That we would transition into this end-time season – Pray that God would help us to make the shift that He is requiring into a new end times season and that we would praise and thank Him continually, drop all of our idols, walk in faith and make His presence the central theme in our lives.

We are now in a time of change and a season of shifting. How the Church chooses is how the conflict of the nations will be determined.  Most of us are reflecting this place of “choice” in our personal lives.  Many of us are making key choices right now in relationships, positions (both territorial as well as vocational), and ministry alignments. We need to be people with a large heart for God and His world. We need to understand what to do and how to face this change that is upon us. The choices we are making now will release our supply for the future.

The following are parts of what Chuck Pierce says:

“Worship God.  Exalt Him for your key victories and thank Him for His grace even in your past mistakes.”  As we present ourselves to God without reserve and empty ourselves before Him, we can clearly hear without confusion the choice He has before us. The Lord would bring our heart and mind to a place of peace. Peace means wholeness. The blood of our Savior can deliver us from the curse and cause us to enter into the eternal blessings in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3).

When we make His Presence our central theme, the voice of blessing will become louder than the voice of cursing. If we choose blessing, then the events of the world will line up with the choice of God’s people. When we align ourselves with the Head, the manifestation of that choice will set the course in the earth realm. The Lord is opening His TREASURE in heaven based upon this choice that His people are making.

Activate your will NOW and align it with God’s so that the confusion that is occurring in the world will not cause you to shake, but will cause you to stand steady in the midst of the war ahead. Elijah was in a contest on Mount Carmel with the prophets of Baal. This was to determine who was Lord of the region. The people were double minded.  God defied all human reasoning. It was Elijah against the 450 – impossible odds in the natural – yet nothing was impossible with the Lord. Again on Mount Carmel, worship became the turning point. Elijah built an altar in the name of the Lord and allowed the “river of God” to flow. Then the fire from heaven fell. This caused the people to see that “God, the Lord, He is God!”

In this choice, we must be willing to confront our enemies and to worship in the midst of our enemies. We must also demonstrate God’s power in such a way that a religious world who has only seen a form of godliness and denied the power thereof will have no question that we must have supernatural help and intervention at this time in history.”

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