Resources On Intercession

  • Bridal Intercession: Authority in Prayer through Intimacy with Jesus – Gary Wiens
  • M. Bounds on Prayer – E. M. Bounds
  • Three Crucial Questions about Intercession – Clinton Arnold
  • Father Forgive Us: Freedom from Yesterday’s Sin – Jim Goll
  • Governmental Prayer: The Warfare Expression of the Apostolic – Noel Woodroffe
  • Incense and Thunder: Experiencing Intimacy and Power with God – Dudley Hall
  • Informed Intercession: Transforming your Community through Spiritual Mapping and Strategic Prayer – George Otis Jr.
  • Intercession: Thrilling and Fulfilling – Joy Dawson
  • Intercessory Prayer – Dutch Sheets
  • Kneeling on the Promises: Birthing God’s Purposes through Prophetic Intercession
  • – Jim Goll
  • Mighty Prevailing Prayer – Wesley Duewell
  • Possessing the Gates of the Enemy: A Manual for Militant Intercession – Cindy Jacobs
  • Prayer Evangelism: How to Change the Spiritual Climate of your Home, Neighborhood and City – Ed Silvoso
  • Prayer Shield – C. Peter Wagner
  • Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayer – Wes and Stacey Campbell
  • Praying with Power – C. Peter Wagner
  • Prophetic Intercession: Letting God Lead your Prayers – Barbara Wentroble
  • Rees Howells: Intercessor – Norman Grubb
  • Seasons of Intercession – Frank Damazio
  • The Elijah Task – John Stanford
  • The Joy of Answered Prayer – D. L. Moody
  • The Lost Art of Intercession: Restoring the Power and Passion of the Watch of the Lord – Jim Goll
  • The Ministry of Intercession – Andrew Murray
  • The Power of One Christlike Life – Francis Frangipane
  • The Watch of the Lord – Mahesh Chavda

Other Resources

  • Resource Introduction
  • Resources for Reaching Cities and Nations
  • Resources for Women
  • Resources on Evangelism
  • Resources on Fasting
  • Resources on Intercession
  • Resources on Intimacy with God
  • Resources on Prayer
  • Resources on Revival
  • Resources on Spiritual Warfare

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