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Great Prayers – Great Results

12366218_1073317959397977_345114264233161110_n“All the mighty works of God have been attended with great prayers as well as with great faith. There were regular daily prayer meetings all over America before God poured out His spirit which led to the conversion of up to a quarter of a million people within the short space of two to three months. Result of daily prayer meetings; Fire descends and God’s work is done. Sinners are converted – not by ones and twos but by hundreds and thousands. And the Lord’s name is greatly magnified by the progress of the Gospel.”

If you are interested in developing your prayer life, God wants to bless you with increase. Prayer is on his heart and He desires to raise up a mighty prayer movement. Our enemy attempts to thwart prayer because he knows its power. God wants to bless intercession, and He wants to raise up a mighty army of united pray-ers and worshippers. Intercessors will unite as a beautiful tapestry like a large net in order to uphold in prayer the mighty harvest that God will bring. Intercession is foundational and absolutely necessary.

The mighty revival will come and you will be an important part of it for you are chosen by God for such a time as this. You will be deeply involved in this worldwide harvest through prayer. Be encouraged. Keep pressing in to God.

“If men would pray as they ought to pray, the marvels of the past would be more than reproduced. The Gospel would advance with a facility and power it has never known. Doors would be thrown open to the Gospel, and the Word of God would have a conquering force rarely if ever known before.”

“Is there any limitation to the Spirit of God? Why should not the feeblest minister become the means of salvation to thousands? Take one instance of the great revival under Whitefield. He was preaching in the churchyard to a great congregation and while preaching, the power of God came upon the people and one after another fell down as if smitten, and it was estimated that not less than three thousand persons were crying out at one time under the conviction of sin.”

“How enthroned, magnificent, and royal the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ at His Father’s right hand in heaven! The benefits of His intercession flow to us through out intercessors.  Our intercession ought to catch by contagion and by necessity the inspiration and largeness of Christ’s great work at His Father’s right hand. His business and his life are to pray. Our business and our lives ought to be to pray, and to “pray without ceasing.”  Quotes by E. M. Bounds

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International