Websites with Prayer Helps

Intercessors Arise International – The vision of Intercessors Arise International is to see thousands of intercessors from every nation released in strategic prayer for the furtherance of the Gospel worldwide.

Family Research Council – on the Pastors Portal, subscribe to The Watchmen Report and the Prayer Team Targets. Both are free weekly email publications. Peruse the portal and visit periodically to see what is new.

Men for Nations – the Ministry of Presbyterian Minister, Dick Simmons, who contends that America’s only hope is for men to take their roles as serious, devoted intercessors.

Justice House of Prayer – Pastor Lou Engle has organized a powerful ministry that mobilizes young people to change history through prayer. We have watched their focused prayers make a difference here in Washington.

Intercessors for America – Dedicated to praying over the needs of our nation. Great newsletter and feature articles.

Bridgebuilders – Hal and Cheryl Sacks Prayer Ministry site. Cheryl wrote “The Prayer Saturated Church”

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation – 42 members of Congress are members of the two year old Caucus. They meet in room 219 of the Capitol Building, near the House Floor. They hope to see “Room 219” prayer meetings in State Houses and churches across America.

National Day of Prayer – Annual prayer event observed in Washington and throughout America – reminding God’s people to pray for the nation.

24/7 Prayer – Awaken the Watchmen – All over the world the Holy Spirit is awakening watchmen to pray night and day. In more than half of the nations of the world 24/7 prayer watches or night and day prayer watches, are already functioning. 24/7 prayer watches are increasing at a phenomenal rate.

The Presidential Prayer Team – Non-partisan prayer site, does a great job of organizing daily prayer for our governmental leaders in all three Branches, but especially the President.

Pray Magazine NavPress’ Prayer tool.

Harvest Prayer Ministries – offers resources and seminars to aid churches who want to be “Houses of Prayer”

Church Prayer Leaders’ Network

International Prayer Council – The International Prayer Council exists as a coalition of national prayer networks and mobilizers. We work together to motivate, develop and equip national movements and local churches to fill all nations with prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the completion of the Great Commission.

International House of Prayer – A 24-hour a day ministry of Worship with Intercession.

24-7 prayer – To transform the world through a movement of Christ-centred and mission-minded prayer.

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network – Mobilizing the church worldwide to be a House of Prayer for all the nations on earth.

National Pastors Prayer Network – Pastor Phil Miglioratti’s central website serving pastors interested in growing prayer in their own lives, in their churches and in their communities, via pastoral prayer networks.

Praying Pastor Blog Spot – has great coordinated, multi-site resources: Praying The Scriptures, Bible Gateway, Prayer Shield Resources, Online Personal Prayer Journal, Listening To The Bible, Church Prayer Leader Network, The Prayer Leader Blog.

God Squad – this site, produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, has a great set of online resources intended to provide a prayer foundation for their youth movement – well done. Includes the following sections: Prayer: The Foundation of a Movement, A Conversation with God, A Fresh Encounter with God, Local Leader Prayer Strategy , Prayer Pledge, Prayer Chain, Suggestions for Spending a Half-Day With the Lord, Ingredients for a Powerful Prayer Life, Satisfied? A Prayer Experience of the Holy Spirit, Praying for the Lost, Operation World Country of the Day, Attributes of God, Scriptural Prayer, Spiritual Growth, The Word, and Perseverance in “Running the Race”, Evangelism and Discipleship, 1 Peter, Spiritual Warfare, Christian Life, Prayer and Fasting. – This website is dedicated to kids and grown ups alike who are interested in prayer.

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