Missions & World Prayer

The Elijah Company exists to provide all the encouragement, direction and resources we can to help missionaries get to the field. Please visit the Elijah Company website and take advantage of the training in world missions and prayer below:

The Global Prayer Movement
Training in World Missions
Breaking Strongholds Over Cities and Nations
Developing a Sending Base
Elijah Lived with God
Fasting and Prayer in Mission’s Preparation
Good Relationships – A Continuous Ambition
God’s Powerful Light in a Dark World
Intercession – The Strategy for Reaching Nations
Learning to Adapt Cross-Culturally
Knowing God as Father
Looking into the Heart of God for the Nations
Maintaining Your Peace in the Midst of Warfare
Mentoring for Missions
Preparation Through Self-Denial
The Disciplined Life
The Power of Encouragement
The Power to Set Nations Free
The Presence and Power of God

To learn more about the Elijah Company please read:

The Elijah Company – Our Reason for Existence
Going Out in Spirit and Power
Missionary Mentorship




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