The International School Of Prayer

Welcome to the International School of Prayer Training

This International School of Prayer is presently in the initial stages of construction. It will include several books, e-books on prayer, e-courses, prayers, on-the-job prayer assignments, articles, videos, etc. 

Breakthrough Faith At The Gates

The Dark Night Of The Soul

Dependence – God’s Unlimited Opportunity To Bless

Destroying Personal Strongholds

Fasting The Right Way With The Right Heart

Forgiveness Is A Choice

The Hiddenness of God

History Belongs To The Intercessors

A Humble Heart

Jesus’ Passionate Prayer Life

A Lifestyle of Worship

Prayer Discovers God’s Agenda

Prayer For The Lost

Prayer Is The Strategy of Heaven

Presenting Your Petitions In The Courtroom Of Heaven

The Providential Care of God

A Royal Priesthood – Authority In Intercession

Victory In Spiritual Warfare

The Worship Warrior


Future Courses

Breakthrough Prayer
Deeper Still
Praying God’s Truth – Overcoming Enemy Lies
Secrets to a Deeper Prayer Life










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