Essentials For A Lighthouse Lifestyle


  1. A clean heart and a obedient mind.
  2. Compassion (Matthew 9).
  3. Persistence (Luke 11:5-13, 18:1-8).
  4. Openness to opportunities.
  5. Dedication to praying with others.
  6. Discipline and determination.
  7. Faith.

Battles to Face

There are many battles to face when you decide to start a Lighthouse of Prayer in your neighborhood or workplace. Satan vigorously opposes the prayer ministries. He especially hates it when we concentrate on praying for the lost and reaching out to them. Many cultures tend to be too busy and overly individualistic, and neighbors are often neglected. Many Christians do not want to pray for their neighbors, and often we just don’t take the time to do this important ministry. But this must change because the harvest is ripe, and God wants each one of us to be involved.

A Prayer

Lord, you were a shining light to the generation of people who lived two thousand years ago. They flocked to you because you loved them enough to be with them and to show them the true way to the Father. You have commissioned us to shine with that same love and message, yet we have not.

Even in light of the fact that you have given so much to us and have enriched our lives in every way, we have neglected to give proper attention to the function that was highest on your list, “to seek and to save the lost”. We confess, Lord, that we have been too busy with life. We have loved our lives in this world to the exclusion of the task for which you keep us in the world. Our concern has not been great enough. Our love has not been hot enough. Our vision of eternity has not been clear enough. We have not believed, we have been cowards, we have turned away busying ourselves with temporal pursuits while our neighbors pass, one by one, into a living and dying hell. We haven’t cared enough to intentionally love and pray for them.

Lord, we confess what we are, jars of clay. But you are the potter. We ask that you remold our hearts after your own heart. Give us a love that will lead the way, a passion hot as fire, and a faith that no disappointment will tire. Give us love for our neighbors and a life of power that will convince them of eternity and the claims of Jesus Christ.

We pray also for our city. Forgive us as a church in the city for pampering the institution of the church and not mobilizing her into the streets. Give our leaders your wisdom. Give your body unity. Make her strong against the enemy to destroy spiritual strongholds. May we see revival. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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