Houses of Prayer

11010600_963508187045622_1155965139571533164_nMike Bickle’s endorsement of
24/7 Prayer Arise:
Building the House of Prayer in Your City

“In this hour God is orchestrating a worldwide prayer movement that far exceeds anything we have ever seen in the past. The global prayer movement is touching every nation of the world. 24/7 Prayer Arise: Building the House of Prayer in Your City is a strategic book written for such a time as this to help encourage and instruct the Church globally as she arises as the House of Prayer for all nations. After starting and directing the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City, I recommend Debbie’s book as a practical learning tool for 24/7 prayer. It has helpful insight into how you can build the House of Prayer in your city.

I believe that 24/7 Prayer Arise will inspire you to spread the vision for day and night prayer into the place where God has planted you. Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned intercessory leader, this book will be helpful in getting you started right where you are. Debbie’s experience with 24/7 prayer will give you understanding into what you will face step-by-step as you seek to see prayer permeate your city.

This 290-page manual on 24/7 prayer is not just a superficial book, but addresses aspects you will encounter as you attempt to join with others in your region to see 24/7 prayer cover your city. Learn from the testimonies and experiences of others. 24/7 Prayer Arise is filled with stories to keep you engaged and motivated in prayer. It addresses the blessings as well as the difficulties that are commonly faced in establishing a prayer ministry. It will be helpful for churches wanting to grow in intercession.

Debbie offers practical applications at the end of each chapter for individuals as well as for group settings. May a House of Prayer arise in your region that far exceeds your greatest hope. We are living in the most dynamic season in history. It is time to arise as the Church
to Jesus’ great call to become the House of Prayer for all nations
(Isaiah 56:7).”

International House of Prayer Missions Base
Kansas City, MO

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