More Faith Power Please God! (children’s story)

11295609_965501846846256_8820776121841191577_n-2One day Jesus and his disciples were crossing a lake in a boat. Jesus was tired out after his long day teaching the crowds so he went down below deck to lie down and rest, but he soon fell asleep.

A mighty storm started to blow up across the lake. Huge waves came over the sides of the boat and it began to fill with water and sink.

Jesus disciples and everyone else on the boat started to panic. They went down below to wake Jesus up. “Save us master,” they begged Jesus, “We are all going to drown!”

Instead of being worried about his disciples however, Jesus got angry with them. “Why are you such cowards” he asked them? “You have seen me perform lots of miracles, yet you can’t even believe that you will be safe in a storm. Why do you have so little faith?” He demanded to know. Then Jesus went up on deck and told the sea to be still and the wind to calm down. The men were so astonished that the sea and the wind obeyed Jesus (Matthew 8, 18-27).

Jesus gave his disciples a huge ‘telling off’ several times for their lack of faith. When they asked him to give them more faith so that they could believe lots more things about Jesus, he told them that if they had faith the size of a tiny little mustard seed (and that’s really tiny), they could say to a mountain to move, and it would move. (Matthew 17 v20)……….. Wow!!!!!

It certainly is very difficult to believe in something that you cannot see. It takes faith to believe that God is real and that He sent his son Jesus to die for us on a cross. (John 3 v 16) Jesus tells us not to worry about having a lack of faith. He says that we can ask (pray to) God to give us more faith. Just like the disciples, we also forget the power of God and that He has offered us this power to use wisely to help other people. The way we get our ‘healing faith power’ is through believing and asking. Remember that Jesus was always healing the sick and performing miracles and he has said that we should follow his example. If you think that you can’t pray and heal someone through the power of God, then you won’t be able to heal them. That’s not good if it is something that you would really like to do though!!!

So, let’s see! When people in the bible with strong faith asked God for something what happened?

A man called Jabez (1 Chronicles 4, 10) cried out to God to increase his wealth and possessions, and God answered his request. Jabez had lots of faith to believe that God could give him all that he wanted, and God did! When Peter wanted to walk on the water to get to Jesus, Peter could do it. But the minute Peter started to doubt that he could, he began to sink! When Paul turned his life around and began to believe and have faith in Jesus, he travelled all over the Mediterranean telling people about Jesus and that he was God’s son. This is how the church as we know it today began.

Without Paul’s powerful faith that other people would believe that what he said about Jesus and God was true, Paul would have stayed at home and we would never have known anything about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Heaven. We would never have had the opportunity to believe in Jesus and have eternal life (life for ever in Heaven with God).

Did you know that we can change people’s lives by praying for them in powerful faith? That is, we can ask God to give us lots of faith, or lots more faith, so that when we believe that something will, or we pray for something to, happen, God rewards our powerful faith by making it happen!

Just think of all those powerful faith prayers you could pray today! Think of all those amazing people that you could heal, and you could also help them to believe in Jesus and our Father God so that they too could have eternal life.

Powerful prayers shouldn’t just be a ‘maybe I will have a try’. We must learn to pray powerful prayers all the time! We must have faith that God will join in our prayers and make them happen!

This is an example of a Powerful Faith Prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please give me lots of powerful faith so that I can move a mountain if I need too, and right now, please heal my very sick uncle Bill! I believe that you will! Amen.

Don’t give up if at first your prayers don’t appear to get answered! Just keep asking our father God for more faith to believe that they will!!!

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