Principles Of Prayer For A Lighthouse Lifestyle


“Prayer is the match that lights the fuse to release the explosive power of the Holy Spirit in the affairs of men.”

  1. Prayer and thanksgiving and praise – Psalm 100:4
  • Understand the mighty power of praise and worship. Begin with praise, worship, or a song as you start your Lighthouse of Prayer meeting or before you go prayerwalking.
  • Thank God for what He is going to do in your neighborhood.
  • Praise God for your partnership with Him. You are His ambassador in your neighborhood and the link between your neighbors and heaven. Know that you are seated in the heavenly places with Christ (Ephesians 2:6)
  1. Prayer and spiritual warfare – Ephesians 6:10-18
  • Realize that Satan will oppose you. Refuse to give him a foothold, and know your authority in Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). It is good to read Scripture to encourage your faith as you start your meeting.
  • Pray for the marriages, families, and relationships of those in your Lighthouse of Prayer. Most Bible passages that deal with spiritual warfare are set in the context of broken relationships.
  • Resist Satan persistently. Bring every thought captive to Christ (II Corinthians 10:3-5).
  1. Prayer and forgiveness – Matthew 6:12-15
  • Know that the greatest way that the enemy will oppose you is by tempting you not to forgive.
  • Blessing those who hurt you voids the jurisdiction the devil uses to have authority over you. Walk in peace and bless your enemies.
  • Confess and repent of all known sin, and choose to forgive. You want the 
channels to be open and unhindered between you and God (Psalm 24:3-5).
  1. Prayer and unity – John 17:21
  • Pray for unity in the body of Christ. The eyes of unbelievers are opened as we walk in unity and love. A city cannot be reached for Christ and walk in revival unless the body of Christ comes together in unity.
  • Welcome those of different denominations into your Lighthouse of Prayer. Delight in God’s diversity and creativity. Lay down your differences.
  • Pray for the different cultures and types of people in your neighborhood.
  1. Prayer and faith – Hebrews 11:6
  • Ask God for greater faith for you and your Christian neighbors to believe Him to change the climate of your neighborhood. Pray with a big vision, and ask Him to open your eyes to see as He sees.
  • Pray for miracles in your neighborhood (John 14:12-14).
  • Pray God’s bless over your neighborhood claiming the promises of Scripture.
  1. Prayer and the lost – Matthew 9:35-38
  • Begin by finding two or more Christians in your neighborhood who will pray together for your neighborhood (Mt. 18:20). God will use your faithfulness as a small prayer group to establish a model so others whose hearts God is preparing can gradually be brought in.
  • Develop a prayer list of your neighborhoods. Start by praying by name for those around you by using the BLESS method. Journal answers to prayer and insights that God gives you. Add names and information.
  • Pray for compassion for the lost and opportunities to bless your neighbors. As you begin to bless your neighbors, you begin to love them.
  1. Prayer and action – James 2:22-25
  • Pray for opportunities to fellowship with your neighbors. God will show you how to reach out through warm-hearted acts of kindness.
  • Pray for the felt needs of your neighbors in public and their salvation in private. As people experience God’s love and power through answered prayer for their felt needs, they desire to know Him.
  • Pray for boldness to share the Gospel in God’s timing. Ask God to open ways for you to share your faith with those around you in loving, non-threatening ways.

8. Pray for your Lighthouse of Prayer using the acrostic “NEIGHBOR”.

N – Nurture the heavenly vision, 
E – Evaluate your neighborhood, 
I – Intercede for your neighborhood, 
G – Gather others to pray, 
H – Have compassion for your neighbors, 
B – Build relationships,
O – Open your heart and your home, 
R – Rejoice with God.

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